Scripts and Referral Policy

Patients frequently ask whether they are required to make an appointment in order to get a repeat script or referral. The short answer is yes, you do need an appointment for repeat scripts and referrals. All script refills and referrals require an appointment for your GP to assess how your health and wellbeing is progressing and how your health needs have changed since your last review. Most medications and treatments should be reviewed at least every 6 months to ensure that you continue to get the best results for your health.

When your doctor is not seeing and treating patients, they are completing paperwork, planning treatments by reviewing pathology and imaging results, as well as letters and reports from specialists, and undergoing professional development in order to ensure your healthcare service is the best it can be. We ask you respect your GP’s time, and make an appointment for anything you need, as far as possible. 

Services completed without a consultation or without an appointment may incur a private service charge.