Company and Occupational Health

Company and Occupational Health enquiries are welcomed. We usually need to know the following: 

  1. PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED? What it is that needs consideration? (e.g. Chrome surveillance in Chrome plating workers) 
  2. NUMBER OF PERSONS?: How many people are likely to need this assistance? (eg 5 full time and 3 part time staff )
  3. TIMING? : When will this service be conducted (e.g. we are considering having this done before April) 
  4. WHERE? Where is the service to be conducted? It can sometimes be more efficient to do the assessments together at your workplace. Other times, sending people individually to HOM surgery (in Carrington) is less disruptive to your work schedules.  (Eg On site in first aid room or at HOM surgery)
  5. MORE INFORMATION & DISCUSSION? Who in your organisation is knowledgable and authorised so HOM can discuss the specifics of your problem and needs? Phone number and email if possible. 
  6. PAYMENTS: Who is responsible for invoicing / accounts. (Depending on the nature of the work and history of your company, HOM normally expects account payment within 28 days or less) 

A list of the services we provide can be found here: Our Services.